How to Make Money with YouTube

Have you ever wondered how much money could you earn by posting videos on Youtube . and if you post this video became viral? This is exactly what happened with the video below or Charlie biting the finger of his brother:

This video has received over 450 million views .. If we excluded all commercial videos, it is the most watched video on youtube. How we won so parents Charlie, who posted this video?

They did not reveal the exact figure, but still admitted that the amount was more than $ 150,000. Not bad for a video that lasts just 57 seconds ..

You now know it is possible to make money on Youtube, and I'll explain how you can start earning from 10 $ to 100 $ per day by posting videos.

1. Create a YouTube Channel

Start by creating a chain, it is very simple just click the big blue button on the home page. Then enter a name for the channel according to the theme you have chosen. For our example, let's say we want to create a Youtube channel around the theme of the award. Give a name to your system that contains the main keyword of the topic chosen, we call our string "Tips Exchange."

2. Create a Blog

Now that your system is online, you need to create your blog. Give it a name related to the attractive theme chosen, we choose the domain name: howtoearnscholarship dot com. Then create five pages of content about your topic.

3. Integrate Adsense

Create an account Adsense and incorporate blog advertisements in the sidebar of your blog (column doite or left). Adsense is Google's advertising program ( I already wrote an article about it ), to summarize these ads that you use on your blog you will earn money every time someone clicks on the a of them. The prices depend upon click depending on the niche you choose.
4. Create Videos

To create new videos, download YouTube videos existing on the theme you have chosen with the converter clip converter, change by a mix of several videos using a free video-editing software Once your video is ready, put them online, give them an attractive title and make a detailed description. At the end of your description, add a link to your website.

5. Post by Day 5 Videos

Once everything is in place, and that you understand the process, try to upload five videos in everyday life, always making unique videos and a detailed description by placing a link to your blog. Throughout the day, you will see the number of visitors to your site and increase your Google Adsense income.

With this simple method, you are sure to win money over the long term. Once you reach the income you want on your first sight, you can choose a new niche and create a new youtube channel.

If you have other ways to make money with YouTube, you can share by leaving a comment ..
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